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University of Bari

Coordinator: Prof. Vitilio Masiello

 Immagine_6   University of Bari



The University of Bari was established in October 1924 on the foundations of the old University School of Pharmacy and Public Notary founded after the Unification of Italy, and substituting the old "Reale Liceo delle Puglie".

The Faculty of Medicine and Surgeons was founded in 1925 and it incorporated the already existing School of Obstetrics and was transformed into the Faculty School of Pharmacy and to which was added the Faculties of Law, Business and Economy, and Agriculture. From 1944 onwards the university established the Faculties of Letters and Philosophy, Mathematical Sciences and Physics, Engineering, Teacher training, Veterinary Medicine and Foreign Languages and Literature. 

The University of Bari is also the headquarter of the Consortium of the Mediterranean University (CUM), established in 1983 and recognized by UNESCO as a non government supreme organization to which  158 Universities of the countries of Mediterranean Basin are members.  




prof. Pasquale Guaragnella

prof. Vitilio Masiello


Point of reference

prof. Raffaele Ruggiero


dott. Rossella Abbaticchio

dott. Gabriella Di Pierro

dott. Fabiana Fago







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