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Rete interadriatica (Interadriatic network)

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Our time is one with nature and the where the value of borders change at a blink of an eye, taking on all new meanings, the invariable territory grows weak in its classic exceptions, but is enriched with new themes, often new stories ready to be explored and to be lived.
We believe that "today's university is one of valuable borders" and that it should comply to those local communities definite peripheral time,actual margins, the possibility of making strong contributions in the building of paradigms of new associated living, putting forward their interior richness that is founded on the  experiences and values "of others".
The territorial limits interested in the Network could appear to be a vast place in respect to those undertaking the project, and this is a correct assumption , also the social reality is far from what is known by them, the things called by them and developed by them in the building of new macro European associations, one of which is that of the Adriatic Euro region.
With the other Partners, the Municipalities and in first place local communities which recognize and play a part in the Inter Adriatic Network of the CISVA especially in the way they have set store  their own territory, in their own feeling of worth  but more importantly in the correlation of wealth and in other valuable analogies present in the whole Adriatic area, that being the reinforcing element and  the sense of belonging to the Adriatic Area.  

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