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Finality of the Project



  • Foundation of an INTER UNIVERSITY CENTRE FOR THE INTERNATIONAL STUDY OF THE ADRIATIC TRAVELS (already up and running) which promotes integration models between the countries which make up the area, and that it continues to develop the establishment of its aims, allowing it to become autonomous after its initial two year funding ends. The building of a Centre constituting a ring of conjunctions capable of reinforcing the relationships between academics (university partners) and the territory (public bodies, tour operators, and the local population) for the purpose of the services on offer.
  • Full use and taking advantage of the Patrimony of literary documentation

  • The elaboration of literary itineraries of travels in the Adriatic

  • The elaboration

  • The development of new work possibilities by the means of specialized training, paying particular attention to the type of information, especially that of Information Technology. Expert researchers in the field , librarians and tour operators to be made available.




  • Realisation a web Portal in the CENTRE FOR THE INTERNATIONAL STUDY OF THE ADRIATIC TRAVELS ( with different interfaces; with scientific contents, divulgent and tourism) able to assure a maximum visibility of the Adriatic area, thanks to the vast potentiality of the medium.
  • Realisation of a virtual library 
based on the Adriatic travels, including texts, studies and on line bibliographies. By resorting to the use of Information Technology, it allows the uniting of a richness of materials to enable the possibility of confronting, diversity and the taking advantage of, something impossible to do with paper versions.

  •   based on the Adriatic travels, taken from both public and private libraries, so providing a new service for the user and a network connection between libraries, thus favouring the increase of users.             in topical places, based on anthropological and cultural traditions, exhibitions and cultural events.  (studies, catalogues, tests, conference notes…) on the Adriatic travels, including scientific sectors, literary and promotion of tourism.           Staff training of personnel working in Local Institutions, on the themes of culture and tourism.

    The constructing of thematic catalogues

  • Realisation of a telematic forum


  • The construction of an Interadriatic network of Local Institutions of both shores,

    support for the institution of sustainable tourism.
  • The promotion of International Conferences and Trans frontier study Seminaries,

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