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Project presentation

The project had its starting point with the University and with Local Bodies of the Regions both East and West of the Adriatic, in order to reinforce the sense of a common identity in the Adriatic Tran frontier area, standing between the institution of an INTER UNIVERSITY CENTRE FOR THE INTERNATIONAL STUDY OF THE ADRIATIC TRAVELS and capable of continuing the work established and autonomously after the two year funding has ended.


The Centre proposes to be the link between the Scientific Community of the University , the Tourist Industry and Local Bodies, and the potential use by the local population  and tourists, to supply a fundamental support system, idealised and the launch of innovative routes both paesistico and cultural, making use of a consistent supply of advanced Information Technology.


Centre Activities

The individualisation ( using book funds and manuscripts from the public and private library system of the two Adriatic shores) Cataloguing (on line) Reorganisation and evaluation of a patrimony divided into literary texts and written documents of journeys made in the Adriatic area (for example letters, guides, diaries, ambassador’s reports, travellers’ tales) which are currently dispersed , in order to offer based on these, a series of itineraries innovative, touristy and cultural, targeted at the development of a sustainable tourism, and the organisation of a Consortium of Interadriatic  Bodies, who will support this development, based on a Services Charter.



The proposal is therefore targeting and promoting the common assets of a cultural patrimony on both shores of the Adriatic, saving, interrelated antique traditions and the integration Tran frontier( in an ever growing Europe and Mediterranean, for the varying places of origin of travellers) bound by a journey in the Adriatic area, and finally to promote the ideal and the launching of an organic development of tourism, and at the same time respecting the environment. 


A VIRTUAL LIBRARY (texts, catalogues and studies) of the Adriatic travels, can be found connected to THE INTERNET PORTAL, on the Tran frontier area of travels in the Adriatic, which has been activated by the study centre.


On the basis of the same documented research the project continues with the idealisation of travel itineraries, retracing the steps of old travellers . The Study Centre supplies this opportunity, according to the various tourist targets originating from a Interadriatic Network connected to local  public and private tourist operators.


The communication strategy foresees interventions at different levels of scientific information and publicity. Particularly on the portal there is an open Scientific Forum related to Forum for anyone who is interested in experiencing the current Adriatic journeys. Study meetings theatre representations, and events are all integrated into the project.


At the same time , through the same work, there will be various presentations of the project at different stages of its realization.    

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